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Guest house Triglav and roses is situated at the pretty Balkan village of Tazha, Municipality of PavelBanya, StaraZagor a region, only 2km off the road Sofia - Bourgas and 9km east from Kalofer.

We have named it like that, because the village is situated at the foot of mount Triglav, Central StaraPlanina, at the centre of the Rose Valley and one of the legends for the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose is about the village of Tazha.

According to this story, the oil-bearing rose had been brought initially in the area of Tazha village from a Turkish florist. In Asia Minor he used to grow carnations, roses and other aroma flowers. He brought the carnation to the valley of Tundja. The received oil from the carnations was less than he had expected, compared to the one from Asia Minor, but to his surprise, the rose bushes had more flowers here and the water was full with aroma. Even nowadays, the land where the first carnations were planted holds the name "Karamfilbahcha" or the Carnations' garden.

From the fields of Tazha, the oil-bearing rose has spread east into the valley of Kazanlak and west into the fields of Karlovo and nowadays spreads the glory of the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose in the whole world.

The unique nature of the region makes it a preferable touristic destination for village and eco-tourism.

From Tazha village is one of the entries to Central Balkan National Park. From here start many tourist paths, leading to national reserves (Djendema and Sokolna), mountain tops (Triglav, Botev, Mazalat), as well as natural landmarks as the waterfalls Kademlijskoto, Babskoto and Tarnichenskotopraskalo. Here is also the end point of the popular tourist route - the eco trail Babsko praskalo.

Other places of interest are also the areas of Sveticata, Hajdushkohoro, the rock phenomenon Trinogata, Koziastena (Goat's wall) and Peeshtiskali (Singing rocks). The Rosalijski Pass was used from the Celts, Romans and Tracians to cross StaraPlanina.

The area around Tazha village is also attractive to the tourists because of the numeral archaeological objects and historic monuments as the Tracian fortresses Paunov kamak (Peacock's stone), Juglata, Manastira, the one on the top of mount Maragidik, etc. As old local people say "Once from Shipka to Kalofer a cat was able to walk on roof tiles". It is not by accident that the folklorist Chudomir says: "We need to make out what the whisper of Tazha says".

There are interesting surveys of the folklore and history of this region by Maria Kalcheva, which one can read in her two books "A voice from the past" and "Bulgaria a cradle of civilization".

The village offers also some cultural attractions traditional Kuker carnival "Starcheskabulka" in February, authentic house from the times of Bulgarian revival, which as a monument of culture is turned into a gallery in which the painter DimitarManolov from Stara Zagora used to work. In the gallery one can also see unique works of walnut wood and still-life works. The writer of the poetry Night-time guard says: "The Balkan (StaraPlanina) and the Rose valley have a meeting in Tazha".

At the time of rose-picking, from the middle of May up to the middle of June, one can have a very authentic look at the basic means of living in the past for 200,000 people from the Rose valley rose-picking and rose production a unique tradition in the world. Everyone who wants to see one of the miracles in Bulgaria has to pass through the Rose valley at the time of rose-picking and feel the beneficial rose aroma, which is floating in the morning dew above the rose gardens.

The majestic Balkan, rich and beautiful vegetation, crystal clear air and mountain waters in this eco region, far away from the city noise and environment can make you feel relaxed and give you an unforgettable delight.


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